Disco duro interno dell 2.5pulgadas 2.4tb sata 12gb – s 400 – avhg

Disco duro interno dell 2.5pulgadas 2.4tb


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Dell 400 – avhg. tamaño del hdd: 2.5pulgadas – capacidad del hdd: 2400 gb – velocidad de rotación del hdd: 10000 rpm
tamaño del hdd
the amount of data that the hard drive can store. 2.5pulgadas
capacidad del hdd
the maximum storage capacity of the hard disk – usually measured in bytes e.g. gb. 2400 gb
velocidad de rotación del hdd
the rotatiónal speed of a hard disk expressed in rotatións per minute. the faster the better. 10000 rpm
interface ports to connect pieces of equipment. usb (universal seríal bus) has become the most popular wired interface to connect peripherals. usb 2.0 supports speeds up to 480 mbit – s (usb 1: 12 mbit – s). the
interface firewire is also known as the ieee 1394 standard. enhanced ide (eide)is sometimes referred to as fast ata – fast ide or ata – 2. sas
characteristics of the device. unidad de disco duro
componente para
what this product is used as a part of (component for). servidor – estación de trabajo
velocidad de transferencia interfaz del hdd 12 gbit – s
productos compatibles
other products that can be used with this product. – bsn services node – poweredge c6420 – poweredge c6525 – poweredge r440 – poweredge r640 – poweredge r6415 – poweredge r6515 – poweredge
r6525 – poweredge r740 – poweredge r740xd – poweredge r7415 – poweredge r7425 – poweredge r7515 – poweredge r840 – poweredge r940 – poweredge r940xa – powervault nx3240
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